10 Best Skin Lightening Soaps 2021

There is a vast array of beauty dilemmas that skin lightening soap can help remedy. Whether you find yourself with dark patches on your body, or you’re just noticing some dullness on your face – lightening soaps can help you out.

Skin lightening soaps are one of those products that have millions of versions of them on the market. It can get very tricky to figure out which soaps work and which are just trying to chime in on the trend.

We’ve examined and gathered this list of the best skin lightening soaps on the market that will deliver results. We found that there are many different ingredients that can be incorporated to help lighten the skin, so here’s our round up!

Top 10 Skin Lightening Soaps Table

PictureNamePrime IngredientPriceRating (1-5)
Prime Ingredient
Rating (1-5)
1. Aspen Kay Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100% Organic & Natural Chemical Free. 4.5oz BarDead Sea Mud$$4.5
2. Rise 'N Shine Raw African Black Soap with Coconut Oil and Shea ButterAfrican Black Soap$$$$4.4
3. Fair & White Savon Aha-2 Exfoliating and Lightening Soap #40250AHAs$$$3.9
5. Vaadi Herbals Sandalwood Soap with Saffron and Turmeric ExtractsSandalwood Oil$$3.8
6. Shouvy Pure Glutathione Whitening Bleaching Soap-NaturalGlutathione$$$3.7
7. Marie France Professional Strength Kojic Soap 150gKojic Acid$3.7
8. Dr. Woods Bar Soap Skin Lightening English Rose, 5.25 OunceShea Butter$$3.7
9. Kojie San Lightening Soap - Pack of 2Kojic Acid$$3.6
10. Shouvy Kojic Acid & Glutathione Whitening Bleaching SoapKojic Acid & Gluta$$$3.6

What Can Skin Lightening Soaps Do for YOU?

Skin lightening soaps are primarily targeted darker skin types. They help lighten and even out dark skin tones; however, their benefits don’t stop there.

  • Darker Skin. We couldn’t possibly not address the most common use of skin lightening soaps; to lighten dark skin. People with darker skin tones tend to turn to skin lightening soaps to help alter their skin color slightly. Some may want a lighter tone of brown to their skin and so these soap bars can give them that.
  • Dark Patches. Another common use for these soaps is to target dark areas. These can be found on your knees, elbows, armpits or even your neck. Many people suffer darkness in those areas, and these soaps can work to target those specific places and help lighten them.
  • Dullness. What many people don’t realize is that skin lightening soaps can also help give some brightness and life to your skin. If you’re suffering discoloration on your face or you feel it’s a bit lackluster- skin lightening soaps can help brighten things up and give you some radiance.
  • To Treat Your Skin. Skin lightening soaps infamously contain very organic, raw and amazing ingredients. Using one on your body regularly can keep your skin in top shape. They can work to exfoliate your skin and even out the overall skin tone.

You’re also lathering your skin with some amazing ingredients- so you can just treat yourself to using a skin lightening soap now and then for a pick me up!

Top 3 Best Skin Lightening Soap Reviews

1. Aspen Kay Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

People commonly lather their bodies in the mud whenever visiting the Dead Sea, as well as take away a little bag of the magical mud. There’s a reason they do that! The Dead Sea’s mud contains many nutrients that work wonders for your skin.

That is why Aspen Kay’s Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap is one of the best skin lightening soaps out there. This soap contains an intense concentration of the ingredient that promises to rejuvenate your skin while evening out your skin tone.

What many people don’t realize is how amazing the Dead Sea mud can be in terms of lightening. Along with the activated charcoal it contains, this soap deeply exfoliates your skin to reveal lighter skin underneath.

Along with the olive oil and shea butter it contains, this soap can be used on your face and body to give it some extra exfoliation and brightness while also leaving it hydrated and soft. We love how much this can do for your skin!

2. Rise ‘N Shine Raw African Black Soap

The market for skin lightening soaps is filled with these three words; African Black Soap. African Black soap is one of the most infamous types of soap that can help lighten your skin. It has traditionally been used to help with a multitude of skin issues ranging from eczema to acne.

This nutrient-rich soap is an organic and chemical-free way for you to get optimum skin lightening results. This specific option is 100% Raw Organic African Black Soap, so you know you’re getting the most intense concentration of the ingredient.

Users found that their skin tone improved in only three weeks of use! It can quickly give you effective results of an even skin tone- it works to lighten dark areas and exfoliate your skin to leave it soft and smooth.

A bonus benefit to this is that it has anti-aging properties as well!

3. Fair & White Exfoliating and Lightening Soap

To reveal brighter skin, you need something that is going to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells that can cause darkness. That is why this soap works amazingly to lighten your skin.

AHAs are often found in skincare products due to their exfoliating abilities. These acids can intensely remove any dead skin to reveal brighter and more radiant skin underneath. This Fair & White Lightening Soap primarily uses AHAs to get the job done.

This soap will help give you lighter skin while also helping out with the overall texture of your skin. It works to slough away dead skin, constantly revealing the healthier new skin that lies underneath.

Sticking to using this regularly will not only drastically lighten your skin, but it will improve the quality of your skin as well, it’s a win-win!

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