10 Best Skin Care Products 2021

The skin care world is constantly providing us with new and exciting products. Some of them are amazing and some of them just end up being all hype and no results.

So how do we know which ones are the best skin care products available on the market today?

Yes, trial and error will tell us everything we need to know, but unfortunately, no one wants to purchase an expensive product when there is a big fat question mark looming over it.

How to Choose?

The best way to confidently purchase a new product that you’re not sure about is to research it and to understand what your specific skin care needs are.

Just because 100 people you know have all tried “the best new wrinkle cream” out there doesn’t mean it will work for you.

You want the best skin care products for yourself? Then you have to understand a bit about skin care and the ingredients in them!

We’ll help you with the basics in our guide below and show you some of our favorite skin care lines that have built a solid reputation in the skin care industry throughout the years.

Top 10 Skin Care Products Ultimate Table

PictureNameType of ProductPriceRating (1-5)
Type of Product
Rating (1-5)
1. Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilMulti-use$$4.7
2. Weleda Skin FoodLotion for rough, dry skin patches$$4.6
3. Herbivore Botanicals - All Natural Bamboo Charcoal Face/Body Cleansing Soap BarBody Wash$$$4.6
4. Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day CreamFace Cream$$$$4.6
5. Clinique Clarifying Lotion Mild

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2

6. AZTEC SECRET Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Facial MaskFacial Mask$4.5
7. Kleem Organics 20% VITAMIN C & E SERUM for FaceFace Serum$$$4.4
8. Viva Naturals Organic Shea ButterMulti-use$4.5
9. Pure Body Naturals Coconut Milk Body Scrub with Dead Sea SaltBody Scrub$$4.3
10. Alina Skin Care HYALURONIC ACID SERUMWrinkle Serum and Moistur-izer$$4.3

Reputable Brands

Some brands are better than others as a whole, and while not every product they make is amazing (hey, no one is perfect!), there are still many reasons to choose their products over others.

We can’t list them all, but here are a few we wanted to be sure and mention:

  • Clinique. One of the more well known department store brands, Clinique is famous for their fragrance-free skin care products. Artificial fragrances just irritate the skin, so why use them?
    Clinique doesn’t, and they make some excellent skin care products in the mid price range.
  • Jurlique. This is a brand that originates from Australia. They are very eco-friendly and happen to make some amazing skin care products.
  • Weleda. They’ve been around since 1921, and they’re still going strong today with quality, natural skin care products.
  • Puracy. They make some excellent baby and adult skin care products (but if it’s safe for baby, it’s safe for adults, too!)

Fairly priced and they use natural, environmentally friendly ingredients in their products.

You may be saying to yourself, “What! How could they not include (insert brand name) on here!?”

The best skin care line for some may not be the best for others, and vice versa. If you love a brand and want us to add it to the list, tell us the name and why you love it in the comment area below!

For the Face

The four basic facial skin care products that you should have in your bathroom cabinet include:

  • Exfoliator. Exfoliate once or twice a week maximum. If you overdo it, you end up removing healthy skin cells along with the dead ones.

Another thing to remember when choosing an exfoliator is to find a gentle one. No large, harsh exfoliating granules! Look for mild exfoliators that will help you gently remove dead skin cells.

Some of you may need to exfoliate more often (those with oily skin, for example), but it’s hard to know because we’re all different! It’s trial and error until you find the right system for your skin.

  • Cleanser. Whether you have sensitive skin, combination skin or oily skin, a quality cleanser made with natural ingredients is a must.

So many low-end skin care products contain ingredients that worsen your skin woes rather than fixing and preventing them, so make sure read the label and understand what you are using on your skin rather than going off what a products marketing team wants you to believe.

  • Toner. In order to remove the dirt, pollution and oil that has seeped its way into your pores, a toner is

Some toners have alcohol and some don’t. In general, we’d advise you to get one sans You might try a natural toner (witch hazel) or a gently formulated toner with a very low amount of alcohol might work better for you.

  • Moisturizer. Polish everything off with a hefty serving of moisture and you’re skin will drink it in gratefully.

Many of us choose creamy moisturizers because they tend to dominate the moisturizer world, there are, however, plenty of excellent serums and oils that can take the place of creams and they’ll moisturize just as well (and sometimes even better than) a cream.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that an oil will make oily skin greasier. Your skin is oily because it is producing too much sebum, and sometimes adding the right oil can help regulate those sebum levels.

Don’t forget about the specific areas that you might need to target (acne scars, wrinkles, dark circles, blackheads, etc.) For pores and blackhead problems, you should definitely try number 6!

These might be creams or serums, depending on what works well with your skin type and what your trouble areas are.

Masks are another great way to rejuvenate your skin (perhaps you sat out in the sun too long and burned your skin or the seasons are changing and it’s dry as a bone, you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup recently, etc.)

A little extra TLC for the face every now and then never hurts!

For the Body

Your face isn’t the only area of your body that needs attention, so make sure you have some products appropriate for the rest of your body, too!

  • Hands. Moisturizing hand lotions, creams or serums with simple, natural ingredients are best.
  • Feet. Here you get a lot of callouses and the skin is tough, so a decent foot scrub to exfoliate your feet is an excellent choice.
  • Legs. Ladies, if you shave regularly, we suggest getting a quality shaving cream. Forget all of the grocery store brands, find one with natural, organic ingredients!

Follow with your favorite lotion, cream or serum that you use on your hands.

  • Arms. Ditto on the lotion, cream or serum here. Your elbows might need a little extra moisture, so make sure you exfoliate and hydrate them well.

Natural Products You Should Use

There are plenty of things that Mother Nature provides us with and that you can take advantage of to keep your skin healthy and happy. A few of our favorites include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Rosehip oil
  • Charcoal
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay

Many of the products we’ve included contain these wonderful ingredients, so be sure to check them out in detail below!

Top 5 Best Skin Care Products Reviews

1. Viva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

There are so many ways that coconut oil can be incorporated into your daily routine, both topically (on the skin) and orally (eat, eat, eat!) If you don’t already own some or haven’t gotten on the coconut oil bandwagon, then now is the time to start!

How many ways can you use it? There are seriously too many for us to list. For the sake of this guide, we love it for the skin moisturizing proprieties, how it can help with wrinkles and relieve minor skin irritations.

From there, it can help you from head (your hair) to belly (digestion) and belly to, well, everywhere else!

If you already have some (good for you!) then check out some of the other great skin care products on our list.

2. Weleda Skin Food

We like the fact that Weleda’s Skin Food can be used anywhere on the body. If you have a rough, dry patch of skin on your feet, legs, arm, face or…anywhere, this will give it a surge of moisture.

This works to deeply hydrate, featuring pansy, chamomile and calendula extracts that nourish the skin.

Here is a full list of ingredients:

A very impressive product that is actually affordable, too! You should definitely have some on hand, especially in the winter months or if you live in a very dry climate.

3. Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Soap Bar

Charcoal is excellent for the skin. It helps lift away excess oil, dirt and other air pollutants that clog your pores. It absorbs them so you can rinse them away when you’re done washing your skin.

Herbivore’s awesome face and body bar soap contains activated bamboo charcoal, tea tree essential oil, bergamot essential oil and plenty of other skin-friendly ingredients:

If you’re looking for a good skin detox, then this is it.

4. Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream

Are you looking for a quality day cream that will keep your face hydrated all day long? Those who are willing to invest a bit more don’t regret doing so on this Jurlique Moisture Cream.

Let’s check the ingredients:

So many wonderful plant extracts in there!

The fragrance is strong, but as you’ll notice, the fragrances added are from natural essential oils and not artificial.

Those who are faithful to the product have been using it for years and continue to rave. A quality moisturizer but since there are a few different types of alcohol in it, those with sensitive skin might look for a more natural alternative.

5. Clinique Clarifying Lotion Mild

Clinique makes some great skin products in general, but from personal experience, their line of toners stands out above the rest.

They have three different formulas, each one designed to target specific skin types. Lotion 1 is designed for those with dry skin, lotion 2 for dry/combination skin and lotion 3 for combination/oily skin.

These have worked well (for sensitive skin, lotion 3 is best), but there is some alcohol present in the formulas.

In spite of this, the product does work very well for a lot of people (we like it, even though we know there is alcohol in it).

Get the larger bottle when possible. It lasts much longer and will save you money in the long run!

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