10 Best Razors for Bikini Area 2021

To feel sexy and feminine, women go the extra mile to maintain their bikini area.

There are plenty of shavers, tools and techniques available, but finding the right one for your skin and comfort level can be a bit of a challenge!

Let us be your guide…

Below, we’ve put together a list of the top products in order to help you find the best razor for bikini area.

Let’s have a look.

Things to Consider When Buying Razors for Bikini Area

  • Replacement Blades. Buy a shaver that comes with replacement blades. You are not supposed to use one blade for a long period of time as this may result in infections and irritation.

After about four shaves, the blade starts getting dull and it may not give you a close shave as you may want. It can lead to injuries as well.

  • Shaving Cream. It is not advisable to shave your bikini area without applying shaving cream first. This helps prevent the occurrence of pimples leaving your bikini area looking like the face of a teenage boy shaving for the first time.
  • Waterproof Shavers. Since you will mostly be using the shaver in the shower, you should get a razor that is waterproof. This applies mostly to electric shavers that can get damaged should they come into contact with water.

Top 10 Razors for Bikini Area Table

PictureNameElectric vs BladePriceRating (1-5)
Electric vs Blade
Rating (1-5)
1. Betevo Women ShaverElectric$$$$4.9
2. Noxzema BIKINI RAZORSBlade$$4.8
3. Tezam Rechargeable Electric Hair RemovalElectric$$$$4.3
4. Philips LadyshaveElectric$$4.3
5. Panasonic ES2207PElectric$$$4.2
6. Schick Hydro SilkElectric$$4.2
7. Panasonic ES246ACElectric$$$4.1
8. Schick QuattroElectric$$$$4.1
9. Noxzema Bikini PlusBlade$4.0
10. TouchBeauty AS-1459Electric$$$$4.0

Electric vs Blade Bikini Razors

Electric shavers are usually battery operated or corded.

It is best to avoid blade shavers if you have no experience in shaving as you risk cutting yourself in this most sensitive region.

Why a Bikini Razor Is the Best Way to Go in Attaining a Perfect Bikini Area?

  • It’s a painless hair removal technique when compared to other methods such as waxing.
  • It is private. You can shave in the confine of your home with no one present.
  • It is a less expensive hair removal option. You buy a bikini area razor once and it gets to serve you for a long time.
  • It is very flexible. Should you notice that hairs have started popping out of your bikini line, you can tidy up immediately in the comfort of your own home.

Top 3 Best Razor for Bikini Area Reviews

1. Betevo

Shaving your bikini area is now easy and effortless with this awesome electric shaver. It comes in an aesthetic design that makes for convenient handling. This makes hair removal in the bikini area easy and smooth even for short hairs in hard to reach regions.

Women Shaver, [Newest Design] Cordless 3-Blades Electric Shaver/Trimmer/Razor Hair Removal for Women Removing Hair from Face, Leg, Armpit, Bikini Using Smooth Glide Technology(2pcs Batteries Included) is my personal favourite when it comes to bikini razors for the simple reason that it gets the job done.

It feels gentle on your skin and is less likely to cause you any irritation if used in the right way.

Its 3-in-1 blade design allows it to remove hairs in the bikini area quickly and with minimal pain and discomfort.

It is now evident why this shaver is the best bikini shaver in the market.


Disposable blades are the best for shaving your bikini area. This prevents your bikini area from getting infected as a result of bacteria accumulating in the blade due to continued use.

The best razor for bikini area in this regard is therefore Special pack of 5 NOXZEMA BIKINI RAZORS DISPOSABLE 3PK 3 per pack.

It feels smooth on your skin and is less likely to cut and irritate you. Try it today and shave your bikini area in style.

3. Tezam

A good razor for your bikini area is that which removes hair from the roots leaving your skin soft and smooth for a long period of time.

It should have a good handle as well for convenient handling as you shave. If this is what you are looking for in a razor for bikini area then you should definitely try Tezam Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal Dry&Wet Shaver Facial Body Epilator Trimmer Groomer Razor for Face Leg Armpit Arm Bikini Line Body Foil Shaver.

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