6 Best Numbing Creams for Waxing 2021

Whether you’re waxing, getting a tattoo or just looking for something that will offer you temporary pain relief, a numbing cream is something that will help you.

Below, we’ll highlight the top six creams/gels/sprays to help you numb the pain away when it comes to waxing, and if this is your first experience with a numbing cream, we’ll also provide you with a little info so you know how it works.

What’s in Numbing Cream?

Numbing creams contain lidocaine (sometimes written as lignocaine), which temporarily blocks nerve signals in the area where the cream is applied.

The highest percentage of lidocaine that a non-prescription cream can contain is 5%, which is what you’ll find in most of the products below (some have 4%).

While our aim is to help you find the best numbing cream for waxing, our guide does not provide you with medical advice.

Be sure to research the possible side effects of this cream and talk with your doctor before using!

Top 6 Numbing Creams for Waxing Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. TOPICAINE 5% 1 Oz (30 g) Topical Anesthetic Gel with Lidocaine 5%1 oz.$$$4.3
2. Liposomal Technology for Deeper Penetration, Topical Numbing Cream1.35 oz.$$3.8
3. HUSH anesthetic - Tattoo Numbing Gel2 oz.$$$$3.7
4. Numb Master 5% Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine Cream 1 Oz,1 oz.$$3.6
5. Lidocaine Plus (Lidocaine 4%) Cream4 oz.$3.6
6. No Scream Cream 1 oz.1 oz.$3.1

What to Expect

You’ll notice that the results vary greatly with the numbing products, ranging from “OMG this stuff is amazing!” to “It did absolutely nothing for me!”

We all have different levels of pain tolerance and different expectations from product like this, so if you go into the situation expecting that you will feel absolutely no pain, then you’re probably going to be disappointed.

The best way to describe the effects of a numbing cream is that it takes the edge off.

Be realistic as you shop. Results vary from person to person.

Not Just Waxing

These creams aren’t just limited to waxing pain relief. You’ll find that they relieve pain and irritation from:

  • Tattoos (and tattoo removal)
  • Laser hair removal
  • Minor burns
  • Minor cuts, bites
  • Skin irritation caused by plants (poison ivy poison oak, etc.)

Once you apply the cream, each brand will have a set of instructions that tell you how long you need to wait before waxing.

Some instruct you to wait as little as 30 minutes while others tell you to wait an hour.

Additional Pain Relief Tips

In addition to a numbing cream, here are a few other tips that will help reduce the amount of pain you experience:

  • Women shouldn’t wax right before or right after their period (if possible). You’ll be more sensitive to the reaction than you would be if you waited a bit longer.
  • Make sure that the hair follicles are at least an 1/8” long. Better if they are around a ¼” so that the wax can effectively grab on to them. Long hairs will have to be trimmed down to around a ¼” in length.

The level of experience that the person waxing will also make a difference in your experience. If they’re new to waxing or haven’t trained with a professional, then chances are they’ll create a more painful experience for you since they haven’t learned the proper techniques.

Top 3 Best Numbing Cream for Waxing Reviews

1. TOPICAINE Topical Anesthetic Gel with Lidocaine

Percentage of Lidocaine: 5%

As we said, you should be realistic when using a cream like this, but out of all of them on our list, this is probably the best numbing cream for waxing and other painful procedures!

Most who tried it had a positive experience. It took the biting edge off the sting, which made waxing a little more tolerable than usual.

If you’ve already tried it and didn’t like the results, check out the next two choices.

2. Liposomal Technology Topical Numbing Cream

Percentage of Lidocaine: 5%

The company claims that this cream will numb you up in 20 minutes and last for one hour after it is initially applied.

This is just the right amount of time for a waxing and hair removal, but we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re getting a tattoo (the next product lasts longer, making it ideal for tattoos).
Overall, it provides you with average numbing results.

3. HUSH anesthetic Numbing Gel

Percentage of Lidocaine: 4%

Yes, this is marketed as a tattoo numbing gel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other scenarios.

This is a pretty good numbing gel and it’s also approved by the FDA. It contains aloe, which just happens to work as an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, which will help soothe the area once it’s been waxed.

Slightly more expensive? Yes.
Worth a few extra bucks? If the other creams didn’t work for you, then it’s worth a try!

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