6 Best Natural Soaps 2021

Hand soap, bar soap, liquid soap, natural soap, organic soap. Just take your pick and you’ll find hundreds of products that match what you’re looking for.

The difficult part, however, is determining which of them are good and which of them are better left on the shelf, which is exactly why you will find our guide below so helpful.

We’ve researched various soap options in order to show you the best natural soap and organic soap so that choosing one will be much easier.

Before we look at the choices, we should begin by discussing the difference between the terms “natural” and “organic.”

Understanding the Difference Between Natural & Organic

It’s important that we mention right from the beginning that there is quite a big difference between these two terms.

  • Natural. This term can be placed on pretty much any product. The manufacturer might use it as a marketing technique or it might mean that the soap was made with one natural product or all ingredients are natural (non-chemical). Then you have the legitimate ones that are actually made of all-natural products.

The only way for you to fully understand what was used to make the soap and just how “natural” it is, you should always, always make it a habit to read the ingredients label.

  • Organic. Any soaps that have an official organic certification from the USDA mean that the soap has been made with approved ingredients and methods.

A natural soap made with an organic certification is perfect for those of you who want a truly natural product.

Top 6 Natural Soaps Chart

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile SoapLiquid – 32 oz.$$$$4.7
2. Soap Club Kona Coffee Natural SoapBar$$$4.7
3. Oleavine Antifungal SoapLiquid – 12 oz.$$$4.6
4. Dead Sea Mud Soap BarBar$$4.6
5. Kirk's Natural Castile SoapBar$4.5
6. OrganicGOLD Organic VirginBar$$4.4

Reading the Ingredients

As we mentioned above, it’s important to read the ingredients label so you understand what is being used in the soap.

Most of them, no matter how many natural ingredients they’re made with and how good they are, probably have inorganic ingredients mixed in to help preserve them or they’re needed to make the product in the first place.

  • Sodium Hydroxide. This is an inorganic compound. When mixed with a liquid in the soap making process, sodium hydroxide forms a “lye,” which is an essential part of being able to make bar soap in the first place.

It’s OK to see this on the label of a soap!

  • Potassium Hydroxide. The same exact thing goes for potassium hydroxide. This is what soap makers use for making liquid soaps.

Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, then choosing the best natural soap is a bit tricky since you still need to avoid certain ingredients.

When possible choose a soap that:

  • …has few ingredients on the label (less is more for you)
  • …is unscented (artificial fragrances will only irritate the skin)
  • …has essential oils (jojoba, coconut, calendula and other essential oils are just what your skin needs)

Top 3 Best Natural Soap Reviews

1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

This is probably one of the most popular soaps out there in the natural and organic world. Dr. Bronner uses a variety of essential oil infusions so that you can take your pick (lavender, tea tree, citrus orange, almond, etc.)

Castile soap is very versatile and this is a very reputable brand since they are certified organic and vegan with the USDA.

Since it is sold in the concentrated form, you’ll need to dilute it with water before using. The nice part here is that Dr. Bronner’s provides you with many resources and a dilution cheat-sheet that will help you figure out the quantities!

From washing your dog, yourself, your clothes or pretty much anything else you can think of, this is the best organic soap and most versatile soap on our list.

2. Soap Club Kona Coffee Natural Soap

If you’re not in need of a liquid soap, you might like this bar soap from the Soap Club.

The ingredients are simple and natural, which you can see for yourself here:

Those coffee grounds in there also act as gentle, natural exfoliators, which will help lift away dead skin cells so you can make room for new healthy ones.

If you’re looking for a bar soap to use in the shower, this is a great candidate. You could also use it by the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink as a hand soap.

It’s a decent size, too, measuring 3” X 3” X 1”.

3. Oleavine

The best natural soap for those of you who have fungal problems is definitely this tea tree soap from Oleavine.

Bacteria can create all sorts of problems in the world, but when you use a neem and tea tree infused soap like this, you’ll blast the bad bacteria and fungus right off of your skin.

This is another concentrated liquid soap, which means you won’t need very much of it or you can dilute it to make it last longer.

Use it as a foot soak, to help get rid of ringworm, help cure patches of body acne and any other fungal related problem you can think of.

If you want to have a healthy mixture of soaps in your pantry, we’d definitely recommend these three.

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