6 Best Korean Toner 2021

Do you wash your face regularly? We are sure you do. But, are you really removing all the days’ grime from your skin? More than likely, you are not.

So, how do you get all the dead skin cells and dirt from your face properly?

Simple. Use a skin toner.

We have collated our 6 best Korean toner products to help you along.

The ingredients of a toner are geared to really erase the last of any foreign substance still lingering. If you are prone to a problem skin, like acne or even simple pimples, you must ensure all makeup and sunscreen is removed entirely. Even more importantly, if you wear a great deal of makeup, making certain that you have removed it all, can be remedied with a good toner. Simple soaps just don’t do the job.

What to Consider When It Comes to Toners

  • What Does a Toner Do? Skin Toner’s or Refreshers, as they are known, have a number of functions, besides cleansing the skin. They shrink the pores of the skin, which is good. This helps with dirt getting trapped. It, therefore, acts as a protectant.

Our skin is naturally acidic, so ensuring we keep our PH balance correct is important. Toners can assist with this too.

Toners can act as a moisture-binding agent, therefore keeping your skin hydrated for longer.

In addition, the toner can prevent ingrown hairs due to its glycolic content.

  • What Type of Skin Do You Have? Knowing the type of skin you have is important before choosing any skin care product. The easy method is to feel your facial skin. Generally, most women have a T-panel where the oil lays and would then need a combination skin care range. For the rest they are either very oily all over or very dry.

Choose your toner accordingly.

Top 6 Korean Toner Products Table

PictureNameApplicationPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Su:m37 Water Full Skin Refresher TonerEasy application$$$$4.9
2. SON & Park Beauty WaterSmooth application$$$$4.8
3. Whamisa Natural FermentationThick but easy to apply$$$4.6
4. MIZON Aha & BhaThin density and easy to apply$$4.5
5. MISSHA Time RevolutionSmooth application$$4.4
6. Benton Aloe BHAThick but easy to apply$4.0

Buying Information

Knowing the Different Ingredients. Knowing the ingredients of your toner is paramount, to avoid a bad reaction.

  • Alcohol. Alcohol, along with water, is the main ingredient of a toner. And this is an important aspect. Think about pouring pure alcohol on your skin. It can burn. And certain skins are more susceptible. So, if you have sensitive skin, choose a toner with a low alcohol content.
  • Water. The other main ingredient and is great for our skins, inside and out.
  • Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel has medicinal properties so it cleanses and disinfects. It also reduces the signs of aging and speeds up the healing process. Most don’t have a bad reaction to Witch Hazel but always to the skin test.
  • Menthol. Menthol is a natural compound and has a lovely cooling effect on the skin. In addition, it has a good clean smell. Menthol in a toner can reduce redness and increase circulation. It is essentially a form of alcohol and can burn, so again check the percentage of the menthol in the toner and apply carefully.
  • Rose Water. Rose Water has many benefits and generally is added to most toners, no matter the skin type. Cleopatra’s favorite form of cleansing was with rose water. It maintains healthy PH balance as well as controls excess oil production.

Top 3 Best Korean Toner Reviews

1. Su:m37

Su:m37 toner has an easy application process, in that it just rubs in gently. It leaves a refreshing after feel that makes you feel like you have really cleaned your skin properly.

Some toners can burn afterwards, by this toner gives you that freshly scrubbed after sparkle. It applies in a smooth, dissolving manner and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

We love it mostly because it takes just one wipe to remove all foreign substances. The pores open up nicely and you can actually feel and see the dirt coming off.

Su:m37 boast that this toner can be used in any season. And we tend to agree. It is not too heavy for the cooler temperatures but is heavy enough for the colder.

This toner contains fermented bamboo ingredients, which soak into the skin, and enhances your natural look. Bamboo ingredients contact silica, which is known to keep the skin healthy. When it comes to absorbing nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, the addition of bamboo assists with this. Further, the bamboo sap calms down an irritated skin right away.

Added to all these great benefits the packaging for this toner is just gorgeous.

Not the cheapest on the market, but by far the most effective and beneficial.

We love this naturally fermented best Korean toner and recommend it above our other two firm favorites.

2. SON & Park

The Son & Park Beauty Water is both a toner and cleanser. In addition, this toner exfoliates the skin gently, by making use of papaya extract and willow bark. The exfoliating aids the cleansing process by opening up the pores and literally scooping out the nasty’s that lurk within.

Some of the main ingredients are orange fruit extract, which slows down aging and rejuvenates the skin; rose water; and lavender water, which smells lovely, alleviates sunburn and helps with reducing acne.

The Son & Park Beauty Water can be used on all skin types.

Son & Park recommend that you apply morning and evening, once to prepare your skin for the day and at night to remove the excess dirt and makeup that builds up.

It does contain a high level of alcohol so if you are allergic or super sensitive then this may not be the toner for you.

The Son & Park toner leaves you skin feeling very refreshed and not tight and dry like some toners.

If you just need a skin pep-up, apply this awesome toner any time of the day.

Also on the pricey side but is worth the spend.

3. Whamisa

Whasima Toner comes in three kinds, all offering something extra for the skin that needs that little bit more. Using mostly organic ingredients, you can be assured of an environmentally friendly product as well as a gentle one.

Infiltrated with fermented Dandelion and Argan Oil, you will find your skin smooth, refreshed, and very rehydrated after use.

For the sensitive skin, Whamais Natural Fermentation Organic Toner has eliminated all products that fall under the anti-cruelty list. These include sulphates, dyes, petrochemicals, and silicon.

The users of Whasima toner have vouched for no or very little reoccurring pimples or blemishes. And that is because this toner really pulls out the dirt and grime trapped in the pores of the skin.

Priced a bit cheaper than our other two best Korean toner products, Whamisa is still on the high side of the dollar. However, the bottle lasts a very long time. You really don’t need to use much on your cotton swab.

The alcohol content is on the high side and has been known to burn the skin. Skin tester is definitely required before applying this toner to your entire face.

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