10 Best Facial Waxes 2021

Many people aren’t fans of tweezing and shaving their facial hair off, which is why wax is a great alternative. From nose hair removal to perfectly shaped eyebrows, there are plenty of waxes out there that can help you eliminate unwanted hair.

Since it’s hard to find a decent wax that removes facial hair without irritating the skin, we will highlight some of the best facial wax products for you in our detailed guide.

Read on to see which products are worth the purchase and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Top 10 Facial Waxes Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Cirepil Blue Wax, 14.11 Ounce TinStripless Hard Wax (Block or Beads)$$$$4.3
2. NAD's Nose Wax for Men & Women 1.6 ozHard Wax (Block)$$$4.3
3. Zip Wax Hot Wax Hair Remover 7 OzStripless Hard Wax (Block)$$$$4.3
4. Parissa Hot Wax, Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Kit with Strip Free Hard Wax, 4oz.Stripless Hard Wax (Block)$$4.1
5. no-tweeze Classic Remover Wax, 4 OunceStripless Hard Wax (Block)$$4.0
6. A.I.I. CLUBMAN Surgi-Care Wax Hair Remover for Face, 1 OunceStripless Hard Wax (Block)$$3.9
7. Melting Pot Stripless Wax, 4 OunceStripless Hard Wax (Block)$3.9
8. Gigi Hair Removal Strips for The Face, 1 OunceStrips$$3.7
9. Nad's Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips, 24 stripsStrips$$3.6
10. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face, Brows & Bikini, 34 StripsStrips$3.4

Types of Wax

When it comes to removing hair from your face, you have three options:

  • Strips. If you’d rather avoid the mess, then get some ready-to-use wax strips. They can be warmed in your hand before applying, which is much more convenient than melting wax, applying a strip and then removing the hair.

One of the things we like about them is that you can cut them to a custom shape; this helps you avoid removing hair from undesired areas (think of the brows, for example).

They tend to be the best choice for long-term hair removal since they last 2-4 weeks, but they aren’t always the most effective option. As you can see in our table, the hard waxes are more popular than the strips are.

  • Hard Wax. You’ll find hard wax in both block and bead form.

Blocks of wax need to be melted before you can use them. You can apply them with a wooden spatula to the desired area, and the next step depends on the particular product. Some are stripless, which means that you let them harden and remove with your fingers. Other require that you apply a strip over the wax, let them harden and then grasp and pull the strip to remove hair.

Beads allow you to control how much product you want to melt rather than melting the entire container, giving them an advantage over the large blocks.

They are a bit messier but still a great choice if you use your wax for multiple areas of the face and body.

We also included a great nose hair removal kit in our table for those of you with an excessive amount of hair protruding from your nostrils.

Top 3 Best Facial Wax Reviews

The best facial wax varies from user to user because there are many things that affect your experience with a product.

The ingredients, the location of the hair, the texture of the hair and the length all make a difference in the results, but here are the top three products that users love for removing facial hair.

1. Cirepil Blue Wax, 14.11 Ounce Tin

Cirepil’s Blue Wax is one of the top picks of at-home users and even by some estheticians.

As a stripless hard wax, all you need to do is heat it and apply to prepped skin. It basically works by “shrink-wrapping” the hairs and grasping them tightly so that they’ll come out when you remove the wax.

Unlike honey waxes that are light, this one is blue and easier to see where it has been applied; this helps prevent mistakes! If you do happen to get some wax on an undesired section of hair, just use some of their Pre & Post Epilation Oil to help you remove it.

We recommend you purchase some extra small wax applicator sticks if you’re doing eyebrows (they’ll help you target the smaller areas more accurately.)

It works best on coarse hair (so eyebrows), but if you use it on the upper lip or face, you might need to go over it a few times.

2. NAD’s Nose 1.6 oz

Nad’s has one of the most successful nose hair removal wax kits out there.

It comes with a special applicator for use in the nostrils plus four applicator sticks you can use to apply it around the mustache for some detailed sculpting. It’s also safe for ear hair removal for those of you who need it.

Thanks so the Aloe Vera extract, chamomile flower oil, and almond oil will help soothe the skin after hair removal, so if you have sensitive skin or low pain tolerance, this will help take some of the edge off.

It works quite well and is surprisingly pain-free for most users. If you’ve never waxed before (whether for the nose or anywhere else), be sure you follow the directions carefully to have the best results. Most don’t heat it long enough, which means that it won’t cool and harden around the hairs as well.

3. Zip Wax Hot Wax Hair Remover 7 Oz.

Zip has been a favorite in the wax world for decades and is still going strong today.

It comes in a block with little pre-stamped cubes on it, which makes it easy to break off into smaller pieces so that you don’t have to melt the whole thing.

Use it on your face, bikini line, under your arms or on your legs, and it will remove everything in its path (except for skin, of course). The formula is awesome, and it works very well on both fine and coarse hairs.

The formula is simple: it contains rosin, beeswax, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. True, it may be lacking some of the soothing ingredients from the previous product, but if you don’t have super sensitive skin and you’re looking for thorough hair removal on your face, this is your product.

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