6 Best Blackhead Scrubs 2021

Most of you looking for the best blackhead scrub out there have probably been let down by products that claim to get rid of them.

The reason for this? The solution is so much more than just a scrub alone!

We wanted to remind you of this as you search for the right blackhead treatment for your skin so that you know that it goes beyond what the product’s label says.

In our guide, we’ll take a look at some of the top scrubs that blackhead sufferers just like you have had luck with, plus, we’ve included a bonus DIY solution for those of you who like homemade, natural remedies. Be sure to check it out!

What Are Blackheads?

In order to treat them properly, you need to know what blackheads really are: clogged hair follicles.

This may seem obvious, but there’s a reason that the head is black and not white like a pimple. The cause of both is a clogged hair follicle, but pimples have such a small opening at the top that they do not oxidize.

When the hole is larger and oxygen enters, the result is a black top due to the oxidization.

There are so many different reasons that blackheads form (poor diet, poor skin care, improper skin care techniques, puberty, etc.), so rather than focus on the “how” we’ll be focusing on the solution.

If you’re looking for a scrub to help you treat and free your skin of blackheads, you’re in the right place!

Top 6 Blackhead Scrubs Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish and Blackhead Control Scrub$4.6
2. Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face$$4.5
3. Best Advanced Microdermabrasion Scrub, A Natural Exfoliating Facial Scrub for Face$$$$4.4
4. Microdermabrasion Face Scrub & Facial Mask in One- Manuka Honey Walnut Natural Face Exfoliator$$$4.4
5. 100% Natural Mineral-Infused Dead Sea Mud Mask 8.8 oz for Facial Treatment$$4.4
6. Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub | Kyoku For Men Face Scrub$$$4.3
DIY Bonus Option!

Organic Coffee


Organic Sugar


Coconut Oil


Castor Oil


Vanilla Extract

Scrubs Exfoliate

Any type of scrub, whether on your face or other parts of your body, is designed to help you exfoliate (i.e. remove dead skin cells). They help remove blackheads and do plenty of other things for the skin!

You need to be careful with the scrubs, however, because some of them can be too harsh on your skin:

  • Scrub Gently. Scratching your face harder won’t “erase” blackheads. While you may see fewer after scrubbing, you probably also just removed the topmost layer of your skin in the process!

For the love of your skin, scrub gently!

  • Small Granules. Large granules are too harsh on the skin (you’re basically raking hard chunks back and forth across your face, which is not helpful).

Look for scrubs with small exfoliating granules that will dissolve once you expose them to body heat/warm water and as you gently work them into the skin.

Ingredients to Avoid

Here are a few ingredients that can further irritate your skin. If we were you, we’d avoid products with:

  • Alcohol
  • Parfum/Fragrance
  • Eucalyptus
  • Menthol

The Number One Thing to Remember…

…is that everyone has different skin and therefore different skin care needs.

Remember this as you shop for the best blackhead scrub. We’ll list the top three below because they work for so many who use them, but we also have some alternatives for those of you who don’t have luck with them!

Top 3 Best Blackhead Scrub Reviews

1. St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

We’ll be honest, this isn’t our personal favorite, but so many users out there have great results that it had to be mentioned on our list!

This does contain fragrance and various alcohols, but if you’re on a budget, can’t spring for the expensive/higher quality brands and don’t have time to make your own, then this is a decent alternative.

2. Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask

Since you shouldn’t exfoliate every day, it’s good to have an in-between blackhead treatment option, which is why we suggest this mud mask from Aria Starr.

Check out the ingredients:
Jojoba oil, shea butter and calendula oil? All excellent skin-friendly ingredients!

This is great for fighting blackheads and reducing pore size, and the latter is key to preventing future blackheads from forming!

3. Candid Essentials’ Microdermabrasion Scrub

Moving back to the exfoliating scrub, Candid Essentials’ microdermabrasion scrub will blast these blackheads into outer space, leaving you with smoother skin. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Yes, this is the most expensive product on the list, but if you’ve tried everything else and it didn’t work, this probably will. Sensitive skin-friendly, too!


Our DIY solution above is an all-natural alternative for those of you who want to make your own scrub.

You’ll find plenty of sugar scrub recipes online and some of the ingredients you may already have.

It may seem like an expensive investment initially, but trust us; you will find plenty of uses for every single product we suggest, from cooking to other homemade remedies. In the long run, you save a lot of money.

Get the supplies, find a recipe and give it a try!

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