10 Best Blackhead Removers 2018

Blackheads, a feature of acne, can blemish your facial beauty. They are the result of clogged pores, which can be especially noticeable on those of you with, fair skin.

Only the best blackhead remover will help you effectively unclog your pores, yet there are so many products to choose from!

Stainless steel toolkits, pore strips, clay masks, scrubs

To help you choose the ideal blackhead remover, we’ll discuss some of our favorite tips in our guide below.

Before we begin, have a look at the ten best blackhead remover choices.

Top 10 Best Blackhead Treatments Table

PictureNameWhat is it?PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWhat is it?PriceRating (1-5)
1. Raniaco Surgical Stainless SteelDermatologist grade stainless tools with antibacterial coating.$$4.9
2. Best Professional Esthetician Edition Dermatologist grade tools complete with portable leather case.$$4.7
3. TAYTHI blackhead remover Multi-functional blackhead tools inclusive of a 3× zoom flat mirror$$4.7
4. Pure Body Naturals Beauty Dead Sea Mud MaskNatural dead sea mask with anti-aging properties.$$$$4.6
5. Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud MaskProfessional spa formula for cleansing and detoxifying.$$$$4.6
6. TAYTHI BESTOPE Blackhead Remover Scientific design multifunctional tool kit with practical beauty tools.$$4.5
7. DaBee Professional 100% dermatological grade surgical steel with multiple extraction tools.$$4.5
8. Utopia Care Blackhead RemoverFive extractor tools with double ended shape for easy cleaning.$4.3
9. Aotearoa Beauty Blackhead remover kitQuality blackheads remover tools with free travel case for use on the road.$$$4.3
10. Biore Deep CleansingPore strips$$$4.1

How to Choose the Right Blackhead Remover

There are a number of things to keep in mind when purchasing blackhead removal products.

  • Consider the location of the blackheads. For blackheads around the nose, you might want to opt for blackhead removals strips. They’re quick to work with and very effective. They yank the blackheads right out of their pores as well as dead skin cells and dirt.
  • Consider the size of the blackheads. While strips are great for smaller ones, the larger ones call for more sophisticated tools like the comedone spoon extractors. These are also ideal if you have many blackheads.
  • If your body doesn’t heal scars very well, you might want to also consider this before making the purchase. Strips run the biggest scarring risk. You can opt for safer options like blackhead removal guns or vacuums.

Top 5 Best Blackhead Remover Reviews

1. Raniaco

When it comes to blackheads removal, you have more to worry about than just getting rid of the stubborn and unwanted appearance. There is a real chance of infection. This tool kit with five different tools has been designed complete with an antibacterial coating to help minimize infection.

Each of the tools is carefully crafted from 100% dermatological grade stainless steel to maximize on longevity and make sterilizing much simpler. It also makes maintenance easier.

You also get a number of free additions with the tools to make using them much easier. These include a portable leather case, rubber caps for the tools and an extra two alcohol pads. You also get to enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As with any other tool, there is a chance of scarring if not used properly and it will take you quite some time before you know how to operate each of the tools.

2. Best Professional

Another great blackhead remover kit that features five high-end tools that include comedone extractors and an electroplated needle. The tools have an ergonomic design for improved grip and control to make the extraction easier and more precise.

Other than the well-designed kits, you also get a portable leather case perfect for travel.

These dermatologist grade tools are easy to sterilize, not to mention very durable.

They are perfect for blackhead and whitehead removal, making them useful for any blemish-related problems that you may have.

Again, the chance of scarring here is real, but the improved grip could help reduce that.

You’ll need your own mirror and remember that it doesn’t come with sterilizing equipment.


The most fascinating factor about this blackhead removal tool is that it packs the one thing that everyone else seems to have forgotten. A mirror!

You can’t extract blackheads or pop pimples without one. Good thing they remembered. And it’s a 3× zoom so you can have a really close look.

Other impressive features include the multi-functional blackhead tools that have a pragmatic design to help with the removal of blackheads and even acne and other blemishes.

Each of the extraction tools has been properly electroplated and even feature an antibacterial coating that helps minimize the risk of infection and maximize the sterilization process. The ergonomic handles on the tools improve their grip and control allowing precise removal of blackheads.

Overlooking the scarring factor, it’s hard to find any downsides to this kit. The presence of a mirror does make the packaging a little chunky, though.

4. Pure Body Naturals

Unlike the previous options that have all been tools, this one is a mask.

Made from natural Dead Sea mud, it is the best way to help you prevent breakouts and blackheads from ever happening.

It features impressive anti-aging properties with vitamins and minerals that nurture the skin’s elasticity and minimize the appearance of pores. This mud mask is also able to cater to other problems as well other than the blackheads like cellulite. It features impressive circulation boosting minerals, such as magnesium, which help get rid of such problems.

No chances of scarring here. But, the steeper price could slightly scar your pockets. Otherwise, it’s a great product that delivers great results.

5. Aria Starr Beauty

Another impressive mud mask formula from the Dead Sea. This one features Shea butter, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba oil, all of which contribute to a perfect and blemish-free complexion.

Because of the additives, the mud is also able to exfoliate, detoxify and cleanse the skin, removing impurities lodged deep in the skin along with absorbing excess oil. The result is a fresh, soft and clear skin.

Even though the price is a little steep, this is a wholesome product with everything you need for a perfect face. However, unlike the tools, you will find yourself having to shop for a replacement every once-in-while when your current one runs out.

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