Best At-Home Bikini Wax 2021

The best at-home bikini wax is great for those times when you are unable to make it to the spa or when you simply need a touch-up. When searching for bikini wax, you want to find a product that will give you as close the results as you would get when professionally waxed. Be careful though as you might get a lot more than the ‘ouch’ you would have gotten at the spa. Done wrong, you could get up bruising or burning yourself-not something you want! You could also end up pulling your skin which is not a great situation to find yourself especially if you have busy days ahead!

This guide will help you understand bikini wax and what to look for in your search.

Things to Consider

Before taking it upon yourself to do your own bikini wax you must consider the downsides. You must understand that you will be dealing with a delicate and sensitive area that requires plenty of care. You must remember to check the temperature of the wax on your forearm before applying it on your bikini line if you are to avoid getting burnt. Last but not least, if you are a first-timer in home bikini wax, it is a good idea to practice waxing other parts of your body such as your forearm or leg before tackling your bikini line!

As a tip, in order to enjoy a relatively smooth waxing experience, you need to check and ensure that the hairs are at least a quarter of an inch long; you don’t want to wax longer hairs than that!

The first time you wax, you might wish to swear off waxing. However, if you love the results, you will be glad to know that the more you wax, the easier it gets.

Top 6 Best Bikini Wax Options Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit14 0z$$$4.4
2. BodyHonee Extra Strength10 Oz$$4.2
3. Clean + Easy Professional22 Count$$$$3.9
4. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax34 Strips (17- Double Sided Strips)$3.4
5. Veet Ready-To-Use20 Count (Pack of 2)$$3.4
6. Parissa Wax Strips16 Count$$3.3

How to Bikini Wax the Right Way

  • You need to clean the bikini area to rid it of any dirt, oils or germs before waxing. Use mild soap and tepid water to clean the area in preparation for the waxing job ahead. Be sure to ensure that the tools you will be using are clean and sterilized as well.
  • Apply baby powder to the area you will be waxing to help absorb excess oil and moisture.
  • Ensure that you have plenty of tools to work with! You don’t want to reach half-way of the waxing process only to find that you have run out of wax strips, wax, or clean towels!
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when heating the wax.
  • Ensure that your pubic hair is at least a quarter of an inch long. Too short a length and the wax may not grab onto the hairs. Too long a length and you will be doing a lot more than ‘ouch!’
  • When applying the wax, ensure that you apply it in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Allow the wax to cool then stretch the skin, pick up the edge of the strip and proceed to rip off the wax in the opposite direction.
  • If you notice any remaining hairs, use tweezers to take care of them.
  • When all is said and done, don’t try to wear tight fitting cloths after waxing. Don’t engage in activities that result in sweating and remember to use tepid water.

As a tip, wait a few days then use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the waxed area. This way, you reduce the risks of ingrown hairs.

Cold Wax or Hot Wax

  • Hot Wax. Is divided into two groups-hard wax and soft wax, both of which do the job well. With hot wax, wax has to be heated and applied to the waxing area when hot. It then has to be removed by a piece of cloth strip (if you use soft wax) or by hand (if you use hard wax).

Hot wax is the best at-home bikini wax since it adheres well to the hair making for great results since all strands of hair will be removed in one-go. On the downside though, it can burn the skin if applied too hot. It can also be messy and hard to remove if the wax is left to dry out.

  • Cold Wax. Is meant for home use since the wax is already applied to the strips that you buy. It is easy to use, cheaper and doesn’t create as much pain as hot wax. On the downside though, you may not get great results like you would with hot wax since not all hairs may be removed.

Top 3 Best At-Home Bikini Wax Reviews

1. Gigi Brazilian

Gigi Brazillian Waxing Kit is a complete hair removal system that features a wax warmer, Brazilian hard wax in addition to other waxing essentials. This waxing kit also includes an instructional DVD to help you get the job right. It beautifully removes coarse hair with minimal irritation to the skin.

It includes a paper ring that you can place round the wax container so that the wax doesn’t drip into the warmer. The wax warmer can be adjusted to suit your setting temperatures but you might want not to set it too high if you don’t want hot wax on your skin!

This is an easy to use kit that comes with all the essential components you will need to get a wonderful Brazilian wax.  The applicator sticks allow the wax to smoothly glide on the waxing area. The only down side is that the number of sticks are few so you might have to purchase more for future use.

2. BodyHonee

BodyHonee Hair Removal kit is made from all natural ingredients inclusive of an infusion of avocado oil that will leave your skin shiny and smooth. This kit is great for both men and women and works to remove thick, coarse hairs-inclusive of the shortest ones. It is comfortable to use and doesn’t irritate the skin.

The wax heats up well and is easy to apply.  You only need about 60 seconds for the wax to heat up. The strips are thick and tend to have a good grab on the hair which means that all hairs tend to be removed from the waxing area. Your skin will be left hair-free for up to 8 weeks after waxing and when hair does re-grow; it tends to be thinner than before the waxing.

On the downside though, you may find that once the wax dries up, it is rather hard to remove.

3. Clean + Easy

Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit is a wonderful starter kit if you are new to waxing. It includes an instructional video to help you understand how best to get the job done. It is easy to use and affordably priced. You get to enjoy supplies that will last you for months thereby cutting down on your waxing expenditure.

This kit is easy to use especially if you factor in the instructional DVD that is included. The video shows you exactly that you need to do in order get the best possible results from using the product.

In the kit, you will find a wonderful supply of waxing material such as pre-treatment wipes, wax strips as well as post treatment lotions that will help curb any irritation that may arise from the waxing session.

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